Learning Design: Storyboarding

For the final assessment of this PGCE course in Learning Technologies we were assigned the task of developing a storyboard for a course. As the storyboard could be from a course we have developed or something new, I decided to use this opportunity to review the 10-week Teaching Lexis distance course that I launched in 2014. Since its launch, the course has ran 6 times and has undergone several updates to incorporate trainee feedback.  I hope by sharing the storyboard for Teaching Lexis I can gather further insight on how this course and others like it can be improved. 



The course is one of nine online in-house training courses that are offered to EF staff who work in China. Trainees who wish to take the course apply via the online application form here. Information about the course, including the overall learning aims, how it is structured and who can apply is advertised here as well as summarised in the video below.


The course is spread over 10-weeks to allow sufficient time to explore both the linguistic aspect of language and teaching practices. Each week trainees as assigned a task sheet that introduces the topic, recommended reading and assigns trainees a task for them to complete either individually, in pairs, in groups or as a whole class. Depending on the week, trainees post their tasks as a blog on Blackboard or discuss in the WeChat group. Interaction patterns and task design vary from week to week to promote engagement and peer learning by getting trainees to work together.



The main motivations for developing this course are as follows:

1. Increase access to training for teachers across China through developing online courses

2. Offer trainees the opportunity to set their own study schedule - this is important as teachers have different timetables

3. Bridge the gap between qualification courses (e.g. CertTESOL and DipTESOL) to help trainees prepare

4. Develop teaching practices in centres by encouraging trainees to research, try and reflect throughout the course